celebrating the street dogs of the Balkans

Dog of the day…

Meet this cheeky chap who lives on the streets of Lake Ohrid. He was obviously quite young and was very playful with the local residents. One night when eating a big Balkan grill, I spotted him sitting across the road on a wall looking over. I had too much food to eat myself so decided to take a doggy bag of my leftover meat. When I left the restaurant and gave it to him, the food went in a few seconds…he loved it! This then led to a problem, I didn’t have any more and the dog had got the taste and wanted more. I then spent the next 15 minutes telling the dog to stop following me – he would go, then a few minutes later appear again at my side… he eventually got the message but it took a while. Lesson learnt – if you give a stray dog food, expect them not to leave you alone!


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