celebrating the street dogs of the Balkans


These are two dogs I met in the centre of Sarajevo, while everyone else was scurrying off to shelter from the rain, they just calmly stood there.

While walking up a hill out of Sarajevo, I came across this dog – although quite wary, it seemed curious and interested in what we were doing up there.

Chilling out in Baščaršija, central Sarajevo


The Puppies

Walking past a rubbish tip, on our way to the wonderful Biban restaurant in Sarajevo we came across this very happy looking puppy who we had caught sniffing around the rubbish site.

A local boy soon joined us to demonstrate how friendly the dogs were (and of course topose for the camera).

And then there were two…


The puppies they continued to follow as we carried on towards Biban – ignoring them was not an option!

As we carried on up the hill, the first puppy gave up and wandered back, the second didn’t give up…

At this point I was close to taking it home

Luckily after a few more minutes, a bark came from down the hill and this little one ran off.


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