celebrating the street dogs of the Balkans


This was the first dog I encountered in Skopje  – he was always sitting by a kebab stand which was on our route in to town from our hostel near by the station. It became a regular sight to see him there, and after four days of walking back and forth past his ‘patch’ we struck up a bit of a friendship (or possibly just mutual acknowledgement) and the dog would come over to say and trot down the road a bit with us.

This next dog we saw in the Debar Maalo area of Skopje. It seemed like a very sweet, old dog and was quite content chewing lying on the pavement, chewing a bone. A local man and his baby daughter stopped by to say hello to it so I assume the dog is a trusted member of the community. I imagine if this dog could talk it would have a lot of interesting stories to tell!

This dog was calmly sheltering from the rain down the road from Mother Teresa’s memorial house.


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